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The UCAT is one of the most important stages of the medical admission process. Getting the highest score is key in achieving a place at medical school.

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29th June 2020

Top Tips To Boost Your UCAT Score!

In this episode we discuss our top tips to boost your UCAT score. These tips involve timing strategies, using past papers and practicing. Listen to this episode to find out some UCAT tips which are usually overlooked.

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28th June 2020

How Do Universities Use The UCAT?

In this episode we will discuss how different universities use the UCAT. We dive into cut-off scores and relevant information. We also explore non-cut-off score universities. Finally, we explore the special status of the Situational Judgement section.

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27th June 2020

Introduction To UCAT Online

This episode explores the UCAT Online. It discusses what you need to know about the UCAT Online and the main differences between UCAT Online and UCAT at a test centre.

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