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4th June 2020

Where to apply with a high UCAT score?

  • What is a high UCAT score?
  • Where should I apply with a high UCAT score?
  • How do universities use high UCAT score?
  • What universities require a high UCAT score?

1. Newcastle University

It is not a surprise that we mention Newcastle as the first university in this list of examples. Newcastle University tends to require the highest of UCAT scores across the country. At least this is what the UCAT scores of their students suggest.

There are a few interesting things to note here. Firstly, the situational judgement subtest is not used by the university. Secondly, interviewers do not get to see the interviewees personal statement or read their references until after the interview. This shows the importance of UCAT in the admissions process at Newcastle.

The shortlisting process for the interview starts with making sure the applicant’s academic criteria match these of the university’s. The next stage involves ranking students according to their UCAT score. Those at the top will be invited for an interview.

The minimum cut-off score for Newcastle changes every year depending on the performance of the cohort of that year. However, it seems that if your UCAT score is within the top 20-25% then Newcastle may be a good match for you.

Please note that a decision to make you an offer will be based on your interview performance. This is reassuring because it outlines that if you get an interview at Newcastle then you can assume that your UCAT score has been good enough. This information is also helpful because you know that in order to maximise your chances for getting an offer you need to focus on your interview.

2. King’s College London

King’s College London is an example of a university that does not have a minimum cut-off score, but still demands a high UCAT score. All aspects of the UCAT are taken into consideration, including the situational judgement subtest.

Initially, academic performance is checked to make sure that it is at a satisfactory level. Moreover, it seems that the UCAT score is the most important out of all factors. An average across the four subtests is taken and this average seems to be used more than the individual scores of subtests. As usual, those with the higher and more competitive scores and profiles will be invited for interviews.

You can find free UCAT resources and free practice questions here on our website.

3. Nottingham Medical School

The admissions process here is very transparent and we have a great amount of detail about how it runs. A ‘points’ system is used here. Overall, the application is out of 72 points. A maximum of 40 points is given to the UCAT here; a maximum of 16 points is given to your GCSEs; and a maximum of 16 points is given to your personal statement and reference. You can find out more on how Nottingham allocates points for GCSEs, personal statement and reference on the university’s website. Here we will be exploring the ranking of UCAT scores.

Each individual section of the first four sections is given a maximum of 9 points. The situational judgement subtest is given a maximum of 4 points.

For each individual UCAT section, scoring between 801-900 is worth 9 points; scoring between 701-800 is worth 8 points; scoring between 601-700 is worth 7 points and so on. For the situational judgement subtest, Band 1 is worth 4 points, Band 2 is worth 2 points, Band 3 is worth 1 point, and Band 4 is not worth any points.Please note that a Band 4 means that your application will no further be considered.

Please note that in order for the personal statement and reference to be assessed, candidates have to have an overall satisfactory score on the UCAT and GCSEs front. As you can see, there is no cut-off point for the UCAT at Nottingham. However, the higher your score it, the better. Like always!

You can learn much more about the UCAT, how to revise for it and our top tips by having a look at our UCAT guide.

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