Makeen Baroudi

2nd June 2020

Tips On Scoring High In The UCAT

  • How do I improve my UCAT score?
  • How do I boost my UCAT score?
  • When should I start revising for UCAT?
  • What UCAT resources should I use?

1. A Brief Introduction

With comptition now so high to score the highest UCAT score to stand out to universities, candidates have to look for marginal gains to improve their score. There are many ways to improve your UCAT score and here we will be discussing some of the best ones. For more, be sure to check out our UCAT guide full even more tips on how we improved our score!

2. Look After Your Time!

As you may already be aware the UCAT is one of the most time-pressured exams you will have to do at this point in your academic life. Therefore, managing your time well during this exam will help boost your performance. Here we provide you with some techniques that you can use to save time and improve your performance.

Read the questions first

This technique will work for the vast majority of those who try it. You will be surprised by how much your performance will improve if you read the question first and then look at the passage and answer the question, instead of reading the passage first. The point is that it is far better to read a passage of verbal reasoning or examine a passage of decision making after you have read the questions underneath. This is because by reading the question first you will have a much better understanding of what you are required to do and your objectives will be clearer. This will automatically increase your chances of choosing the right answer.

Develop your own strategies

This comes with doing a lot of past paper questions but it is essentially finding the right style for you to solve the questions. This is particularly important as we are all different and we all find different things helpful. Therefore, developing your own, unique, strategies will suit you best and help you solve questions more efficiently and much quicker.

3. Know What To Guess...

Of course, you will not know the answer for every question. Even if you had the potential to know the answer for every question in the UCAT, you will not be able to do that within the time given!

Therefore, guessing is an inevitable option that you will have to choose. Knowing how to guess is important. For example, elimination of the wrong answers automatically increases your chances of guessing the right answer; making educated guesses by estimating the answer for mathematical or logical questions may also help.

4. Take Advantage Of Past Papers!

There are plenty of free UCAT resources available out there for you to use. Make sure that you have tried at least 2-3 different sources of questions and revision materials before your test date. This will ensure that you fill the recommended hours of practice needed for UCAT before your test date.

You can find free UCAT resources and free practice questions here on our website.


Practice makes a habit. If you use our materials, the official UCAT materials and more if you feel like you need to then you will make the right habit. Doing the right habit repeatedly will make perfect and increase your chances of scoring highly. Therefore, make sure that 90% (if not more!) of your UCAT revision time is spent on practice questions. Doing practice questions is the best way to develop your own, unique, habits that we discussed earlier. This will further enhance your score.

You can learn much more about the UCAT, how to revise for it and our top tips by having a look at our UCAT guide.

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