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20th June 2020

Top Tips To Improve Interview Performance!

  • How to improve your MMI performance?
  • How to improve your interview performance?
  • How to improve your traditional interview performance?
  • What should I do to prepare for my medical school interview?

1. Introduction

Don’t worry if you feel nervous about your interview. Everybody does. Especially if they haven’t had interviews before, and if the interview is in the importance of a medical school’s interview. In this article, we share with you some of our top tips for a better interview. To check out more tips and advice like this, check out our interview guide.

2. Defend your opinion, but don’t be a coward!

The interviewer wants to see what you do when you arrive to a moot point. Or, the interviewer may want to see what you might do when your words are used against you. For example, in an intellectual discussion about euthanasia you may arrive to the conclusion that euthinasia should be allowed in some cases.

An interviewer may say, ‘so you think it’s okay to kill vulnerable people?’. Do not react to this statement or be defensive. Instead, explain your position clearly and show that you see the other side of the argument and accept their opinion but you still believe yours is the right one. So you can say,

    “Of course it is not okay to kill vulnerable people. But in a situation where the person’s competent wish is to be euthanized, and they have made a valid consent for that, on top of the fact that staying alive is painful for them, then I am more likely to be pro-euthinasia in situations like these. Indeed, I understand that some people think that this is doing harm which clashes with one of the pillars of medical ethics. However, not euthanizing goes against the patient’s autonomy and best interest. So really, it is all about controlling that conflict between the different pillars of medical ethics’.

You can find free UCAT resources and free practice questions here on our website.

3. Go Through Some Basics...

Be sure that you can answer some predictable questions such a, ‘why medicine? Why this medical school? What are your strengths and weaknesses?’ etc. We can assume that everyone else will go into their interview knowing the answer to these sorts of questions and you do not want to be the only one seeming less certain about the answers to these questions.

However, this is a double-edged sword. Be careful not to rehearse the answer as this will be clear to the interviewer as a rehearsed answer! Instead, just be sure that you have an idea, some bullet points, on the answers for these questions.

4. Watch Out For Your Ticks...

A tick is something that you do when you’re nervous or anxious. For example, playing with your tie, moving the pen too much, too much movement back and forth whilst sitting down etc. these come across very easily in an interview. You do not want to make the interviewer know when you’re nervous, even if you are.

So, do a mock interview with someone and watch out for your ticks. That way you can identify your ticks and try to reduce them. Don’t worry too much about this but do keep it in mind. Also, if you cannot do a medical mock interview with someone you can still do this. As long as the person in front of you asks you questions that require you to think.

5. Know Your Personal Statement!

This is very important. It does not mean to memorise your personal statement off by heart. However, it does mean that you are ready to elaborate on any part of your personal statement if you are asked to do so, which can be quite common in a MMI setting.

For example, if you write “During my work experience at a hospital ward, I found the communication within the multidisciplinary team very effective”. You can be asked to elaborate on this statement in many ways during your interview. For example, “What do you find most effective about multidisciplinary team communication?” or “What do you think are the challenges to effective communication in a healthcare setting?”.

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