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12th June 2020

Tips On Scoring High In The BMAT

  • How do I improve my BMAT score?
  • How do I boost my BMAT score?
  • When should I start revising for BMAT?
  • What BMAT resources should I use?

1. Timings In The BMAT...

Much like in the UCAT, timing in the BMAT is very important. We explain in our Introduction to BMAT blog the timing of the BMAT in much more detail.

But in conclusion, 1 minute 40 seconds may seem long enough time per question in section 1. However, the level of difficulty of this section makes it challenging to finish all 35 questions in time. The fact that you are more familiar with section 2 also means that questions in this section will be more nuanced and confusing. Finally, planning is vital for section 3. More on that later…

Here we offer you some tips on how to save time. Please note that the two timing tips shared below are more applicable to multiple choice questions in sections 1 and 2. However, we have more tips for section 3 towards the end.

2. Mental maths.

Make sure you take the necessary steps to improve your mental arithmetic skills. The more practice you do the better. Being able to do quick maths in your head during the BMAT will save you precious seconds during the test. This applies for sections 1 and 2. Especially section 2 where a good set of arithmetic skills will be useful for maths, physics and chemistry questions. You are not allowed a calculator during the exam. This means the alternative would be to use pen and paper to calculate your answers which is incredibly inefficient.

    TheMedicalGeeks top tip to improve, is to do maths when you're out and about. When your ordering your next coffee, why don't you try adding different coffees together with all the extras. You don't need to order it unless you want a super rush and want to bounce around the room!!

    Otherwise, check out this website to improve your mental maths -->

3. Guessing...

Be sure that if you had to guess - and given the nature of BMAT questions you probably will have to - then make an educated guess. The best way to make an educated guess is by eliminating the obviously wrong answers. This will instantly increase your chances of guessing the right answer.

However, it is not always possible to make an educated guess. In this case, you just have to guess anything. We recommend that you stay consistent with the option you guess if you are equally unsure about all options. For example, if you choose B for all the questions that you are unsure about, you are more likely to get at least one question right than if you have chosen random options. One mark on your BMAT score can make a difference.

Want free resources around the BMAT such as questions? Find out more here!

4. Syllabus...

There are two unique advantages to BMAT section 2 that makes it more predictable than other sections. Firstly, you are already aware of the content. Secondly, we have access to an official syllabus. This syllabus can be found online. We recommend that you go through this syllabus a few times and make sure that you are aware of all bullet points covered.

One way to take your section 2 preparation to the next level is by doing GCSE past papers for section 2 subjects. This is probably not something you particularly want to do but many students have reported finding this helpful. Especially GCSE maths, chemistry and physics past papers. Though don’t stress much about this. This is only to be tried if you have enough time.

5. Plan Your Essay!

We discussed this in our Introduction to BMAT blog. You only get 30 minutes to write your essay. Do not be afraid to spend up to 15 minutes planning your essay if you feel that you need to. Having a well planned and structured essay is better than the alternative. A solid and well thought plan is the key to this kind of essay. Indeed, the whole essay is a single side of A4 which can be written in 15-20 minutes if you have a good, clear plan and have done enough practice. You can use the question paper to plan out your essay.

6. Handwriting...

You only get one paper to answer the essay question. You cannot ask for extra or start again on a new paper. Therefore, we think that it is essential that your essay remains neat and your handwriting is as good as you can make it. An essay marker who has been marking a few hundred essays may not have the patience to read unclear words/sentences. This may negatively affect your scoring.

7. Keep It Clear!

One of the main criteria for the Quality of Content mark for the essay is how clear your essay is. This means how concise it is; how much it answers the question and how off-the-point is your answer. The more precise your essay is, the better your score will be. This can all be the result of well planned essays and enough practice.

You can learn much more about the BMAT, how to revise for it and our top tips by having a look at our BMAT guide.

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