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17th June 2020

Where to apply with a high BMAT score?

  • What is a high UCAT score?
  • Where should I apply with a high BMAT score?
  • How do universities use high BMAT score?
  • What universities require a high BMAT score?

1. Introduction

In our last post of the BMAT scores series we discuss the universities where we think you should consider if you achieve a particularly good BMAT score.

Please note that this is our own recommendation after doing our own research. We strongly recommend that you conduct your own research and come to your own findings. Use our blog as guidance and as a starting point!

2. What Is A Very High BMAT Score?

This area starts at about 6.5 and above. This area is called the area of the “best test-takers” according to the BMAT team. Scoring 7.0 and above is referred to as an “exceptional” score. Of course, you do not need to have an exceptional score in order to get into one of these universities. Moreover, scoring highly is essential, therefore the higher the score the better.

Imperial College London

A great thing about Imperial’s use of the BMAT is transparency. There is a cut-off score for every single section of the BMAT. This means you can predict your chances of success if you score highly across all three sections.

However, if your performance is outstanding in the first 2 sections but not as great in the last section, it would mean that Imperial may just reject your application.

    1️⃣ The selection process starts off by the usual screening to check that applicants meet the university’s academic criteria.
    2️⃣ After that all BMAT scores are ranked and the cut-off scores are calculated.
    3️⃣ In order to receive an invitation for an interview, a candidate will have to score the average score or above; in addition, the scores of the personal statement and predicted grades have to be satisfactory as well. When this is achieved, the selector will feel confident about your application and invite you for an interview.

Therefore, scoring well on the BMAT is vitally important to receive an interview invitation. Unlike other universities, no matter how well you score on the other aspects of your application, if you don’t score the required minimum for BMAT there might not be a chance to progress to the next level.

You can find free BMAT resources and free practice questions here on our website.


So what does Oxford use in their application process:

    ✅ " GCSEs and BMAT to shortlist candidates for interview. "

Each makes up 50% of the overall score. This shows the significant importance of the BMAT to Oxford. At the same time, it outlines that if your BMAT score is not very high then it can be compensated by very high GCSEs. The main focus of the university when looking at the BMAT scores is the first 2 sections. Each section is given 40% compared to section 3 which is only given 20%.

The way each score is converted and calculated is a little bit bizarre so bare with us whilst we attempt to explain it here.

    1️⃣ For sections 1 and 2, one mark is removed from the 1-9 classification so that it becomes 0-8.
    2️⃣ This is then multiplied by 5 to give 40 for each section, adding up to 80.
    3️⃣ Section 3 is then given 20 points to complete 100 points.

The 20 points for section 3 is obtained through the following process:

    The quality of content score is multiplied by 2 and added to the quality of English score (after converting the grades into numbers)* to make up 15 if a full mark was scored. ✅ The 15 is then raised to 20 by multiplying it by 4/3!
*A=5 points and the points decrease as you go down.

You can find very useful statistics on how Oxford uses the BMAT and what the outcomes of shortlisting is by clicking here. This is a very interesting link, we recommend you give it a look.

You can learn much more about the BMAT, how to revise for it and our top tips by having a look at our BMAT guide.

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