Makeen Baroudi

16th June 2020

Where to apply with a good BMAT score?

  • What is a good BMAT score?
  • Where to apply with a good BMAT score?
  • How does Cambridge university use the BMAT?
  • How important is the BMAT to Cambridge University?

1. Introduction

After reading this blog you may think that if you have a high BMAT score you should apply to Cambridge. This is not what we are saying in this post.

What we're saying is that applying to Cambridge requires at least a “high” score. Indeed, there should be many more reasons for wanting to apply to Cambridge. Moreover, there should be many strong aspects of your application in order to have a successful application to Cambridge. Having a high BMAT score is just one of these aspects.

2. What Is A Good BMAT Score?

We always recommend visiting the university’s website and have a look at their statistics in more depth. Moreover, we can roughly say that scoring at least 1.0-1.5 points above average is a great place to start for a successful application.

You can find free BMAT resources and free practice questions here on our website.

Cambridge Univesrsity

Unlike Oxford, Cambridge does not have a centralised system when it comes to processing applications. This means that how your BMAT score is used and how important it is is totally dependent on the college you are applying for. Therefore, what we recommend is that you directly contact the college you are thinking of applying to or visit its website if it has one.

As a result of the variety of how colleges use the BMAT, there is some vagueness of the exact minimum requirements. Moreover, scoring at least above average is important to be in the safe zone.

It is worth mentioning that bout 90% of those who apply to Cambridge are invited for an interview so chances are that your odds are pretty high in that respect. Moreover, the interview performance alongside other aspects of the application will be used to determine whether or not to make you an offer.

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